In the acute phase, equipment that enables the wearer to rapidly start walking rehabilitation.
In the recovery phase, equipment that suits the individual.
In the maintenance phase, equipment that the wearer will want to wear every day.
GaitSolution provides ongoing walking support for patients with hemiplegia, from the acute phase through to the chronic phase.

A Typical Japanese Rehabilitation with Orthoses for After-Stroke Patients
- Recovery of Walking Ability-

Acute phase
(2-3 weeks after stroke)

  1. Life saving
  2. Standing at early stage (very important to prevent disuse syndrome).
  3. With KAFO, patients starts walking rehabilitation to strengthen muscle and hip joint.

Recovery phase
(Within 60days after stroke / max:180 days at hospital)

  1. Brain image diagnosis: rehabilitation target is set and shared with the related medical staff.
  2. With AFO, patients keeps walking rehabilitation to strengthen knee joint and re-learn and achieve gait again.

Maintain phase
(Return to community)

  1. The most appropriate AFO is chosen for actual life.
  2. AFO is used for patients’ safety and comfort in adaptation to their actual life environment.

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