The Ortop AFO that has been in use for over 20 years has been completely redesigned.


● Now lighter, more comfortable, and easier to use than ever before

● Shortened to the proximal MP joint

● Socks will easily fit over the Ortop AFO

● Allows for a more varied shoe choice due to its reduced size

● Ankle strap has been redesigned to better conform to the natural shape of the foot.

    Also, provides greater stability by firmly holding the foot.

● Floor to proximal height is 14.5 cm (medium size)


● Equinovarus foot following a stroke

● Peroneal nerve palsy

● Color : White / Black

● Side  :  Left / Right
● Optional Parts  :  Ring Strap (White/Black), Velcro (White/Black)
Size S M L LL
Foot Length 20.5 cm - 22 cm 22.5 cm - 24 cm 24.5 cm - 26 cm 26.5 cm - 27.5 cm


  Ortop Series User Manual (PDF)
  Ortop Series Technical Manual (PDF)