GAITSOLUTION Design R1 (GSD-R1) is an orthosis developed by “pursuing natural walking”. It is endowed with the functions required for ankle foot orthoses, which have been derived from the results of gait analysis of a total of more than 100 patients with hemiplegia. 

GSD-R1 has realized ease in the ability of the wearer to wear and remove the problem restricting wearable shoes by enhancing the design in addition to superior function as a walking aid equipped with Gait Solution.

A hydraulic shok sbsorption system adopted to ease difficulties in walking

The shock absorber was chosen based on the latest walking analysis. The hydraulic braking system can be set to each individual's optimal plantar flexion resistance. In addition, the strong and light-weight titanium frame assists the calf muscle and offers an increase in walking efficiency.

Compatible with many shoes and orthosis

Careful consideration was taken into ensuring a proper heel height, designing the foot-ankle assembly shape, and arranging the rubberized pads on the foot plate to attain the greatest level of customer satisfaction. Also, this Gait Solution orthosis utilizes a rea entry method allowing patients' use without lifting the foot.

Aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally comfortable

The unit is comfortable to wear because of the moisture decentralization pads used for the parts touching the skin.



•Braking range
In addition to unrestricted dorsal flexion movement, from the neutral position, there’s up to 15 degrees of plantar flexion dampening available.

•Braking Force adjustment range
Resistance can be incrementally adjusted from 2Nm to 20Nm

•Two initial ankle angle positions
0 or 5 degrees, available through part selection


•Calf circumference: 260 mm – 400 mm *1
•Foot length: 230 mm – 260 mm *2

*1 For the calf and foot straps, the belts provided can be cut to any desired length.
*2 If there is excessive deformity or the foot length is greater than that above, use the made-to-order plastic or metal Gait Solution.


•Hemiplegia, peroneal paralysis, etc.
•Weight limit : 90 kg

Incompatible conditions

•Severe spasticity or deformity
•Significant sensory disturbance
•Extreme hyperextension of the knee

*A therapist or a CPO should adapt the orthosis on a patient under the guidance of a physician.
*This product was developed in conjunction with Professor Sumiko Yamamoto from the International University of Health and Welfare.


Size S M L
Height 145~155cm 155~170cm 170~185cm
Foot length 21~23cm 23~26cm 26~28cm
Shoe size
33~36 36~41 41~43