What is T-Support?

T-support is a brand-new gait assistance device. Medical professionals can expect higher therapeutic effects when they use this device for gait training for patients suffering hemiplegia from a stroke along with lower limb orthosis. The structure of this device is really simple. It consists of a vest to support trunk functions and elastic belts to put on the vest. They raise lower limb security on the stance phase and the assist swing on swing phase.
You can use this device on wide stages from acute, recovery to the maintenance stage. You can also use this on KAFO or AFO, in various situations.

An assistant can transfer care motion easily by using this pad on paralyzed side.

For fine tuning on gait training

When you cut down KAFO to AFO, sometimes patient experience knee bucking on late stance phase or compensatory back knee from insufficient lower limb support. T-Support assists lower limb security and turns down the gait training difficulty without locking knee joint.


  • Includes  : 1 X Vest, 2 X belts
  • Size         :  Free (Maximum "Reference" size:  Height 175cm, Pelvis circumference : 105cm)
  • Color       :  Yellow-green (Product No. 69131001), Gray (Product No. 96131002)

Optional Parts

Rear Pad for assistance
An assistant can transfer care motion easily by using this pad on the paralyzed side.

This product is developed by Kawamura Gishi Co.,Ltd. under direction from Mr. Tomoki Nakatani, Takarazuka rehabilitation hospital.

Please refer to his “brain stroke 8 steps” or web site (http://ryouhoushi.net/page4) for more information about development of this product. Please contact our company for product itself.


  T-SUPPORT Manual (PDF)
  T-SUPPORT Product Introduction Video (only in Japanese)