We're pleased to announce our participation at the 29th Annual Conference of the Japanese Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists (JAPO), from 15 ~ 16 July 2023! Pacific Supply will provide the information you are looking for and support your strategy for experiencing a " real" exhibition; where you can feel, touch and communicate.

We're looking forward to meeting you all there.

Exhibition Details

 The 29th Annual Conference of the Japanese Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists (JAPO)

  Date: July 15th - July 16th, 2023

  Link:                    https://www.congre.co.jp/japo2023/index.html

  Our special site:    https://www.p-supply-japo.com/ 

Our Products


             Pro-Flex® ST

Pro-Flex® ST is designed for low to high active users looking for flexibility and confidence to face everyday life activities. This versatile prosthetic foot provides a smooth rollover and controlled push off. Pro-Flex® ST makes it easy to go through the full stride on Different terrains thanks to its multifunctional design, combining dynamics and ground compliance. 

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                Connect® TF

Connect® TF is an adjustable socket indicated for low active amputees.The open socket donning feature designed into the on/off tensioning handle, helps ease of donning and doffing while the user is in sitting position. Connect® TF can be adjusted throughout the socket lifetime in height, angle and circumference.

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             Direct Socket System

Direct Socket system is a standardized, amputee-centric socket solution for both transtibial and transfemoral amputees of all activity levels.With the use of the Direct Socket materials and tools, the fabrication process is standardized.The materials are provided in material kits where each kit provides all the consumables needed to fabricate one socket.

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            Total Knee 2000

Total Knee 2000 is polycentric knee joint offering comfort, natural gait, and shock absorption through adjustable stance flexion.

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                 Mauch® Knee

Mauch® Knee is a single axis hydraulic knee joint designed for highly active users, and able to withstand unpredictable conditions. Mauch Knee has swing and stance control (SNS) and mode selector switch allows manual locking and free swing functions.

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                   XTERN® Classic

XTERN® Classic is a Game Changer solution for peoples afflicted by foot drop. It will allow running, walking, hiking in mountain as long and as far as you want without any discomforts. This ankle foot orthosis (AFO), was tested in many conditions, During many marathons, triathlons, endurance activities and adventures in the wild Canadian backcountry. Unlike conventional foot drop brace, it can be fit on high hiking footwear, winter or safety boots.

                  XTERN® Frontier

XTERN® Frontier is a model that offers a brand-new way of putting on the revolutionary foot drop orthosis. It was developed especially for foot drop patient with reduced hand dexterity such as stroke patients while remaining suitable for all peoples afflicted by foot drop. leg support , leaves the back of the shoe opening fully accessible for easy donning.

                 XTERN® Sumit

XTERN® Sumit is a custom build modular ankle foot orthosis (AFO) made from highly durable thermoplastic and carbon fiber. The XTERN® does not prevent ankle plantar flexion or limit dorsiflexion, making it easier and much more comfortable.

        Trunk Solutions Corporation (TSC)        

                       Trunk Solution® Core

The Trunk Solution® is a trunk training device that promotes trunk extension, anterior pelvic tilt, and inner muscle activity. The wearer's posture is beautifully maintained without the use of motors or other active power.

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                       Trunk Solution® Ortho

Trunk Solution® has been marketed mainly as a rehabilitation device and has been introduced to core community-based convalescent rehabilitation and nursing care facilities. In April 2022, the main components used in the Trunk Solution® were certified as prosthetic devices by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, making it possible to obtain them at a cost of 10-30%, depending on the system used.

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                      Kawamura Gishi                       

                        Central KAFO

Central KAFO is the device which made it now possible to input image tracing and use the data and measurements to create a prop layout drawing on a PC.

Hands-on Workshop

1. Ossur's Knee and Socket Technology on adjustment for Knees, Connect® TF and Direct Socket System

In Ossur Knee Joint & Socket Technology Experience Program, you can choose from the following three programs. 

1. Ossur Knee Joint Adjustment Experience: Experience the adjustment of Ossur's recommended knee joints, "Mauch® Knee" and "Total Knee 2000". 

2. Connect® TF adjustment experience: You will experience adjusting the TF socket "Connect® TF" for low activity people. 

3. Direct socket experience: "Direct Socket system" that allows socket fabrication on the stump directly. A certified prosthetist (CPO) will give a demonstration and provide detailed explanations.

2. Pro-Flex® ST Mini Workshop

Ossur foot part, "Pro-Flex® ST", newly approved by Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare in FY2023. It has been well received by users that it's soft, but it has the power to move forward, so I can walk as I imagine and it feels like I have my own joints. While looking at the actual foot, we will explain its features and structure.

3.Central KAFO

Among several methods to fabricate long-limb orthoses for gait rehabilitation for stroke paraplegics, it is now possible to input image tracing and use the data and measurements to create a prop layout drawing on a PC.

4. Bauerfeind Franchise Business

Pacific Supply has opened its first Bauerfeind brand flagship store (Flagship Tokyo) in Tokyo in 2021. In 2023, it has also opened in Osaka (Flagship Osaka). In order to further spread the Bauerfeind brand in the future, we will implement franchise development nationwide and improve its business operation. We will present our franchise business there.

5.TurboMed Try-on Workshop

The most orthodox "XTERN® Classic", "XTERN® Frontier" for people with hand disabilities such as hemiplegia, and "XTERN® Summit" for high activity, which is lightweight and strong. We will explain the structure and the difference from other products while actually wearing it and feeling it.

6. Trunk Solution® Try-on Workshop

We will explain the features and differences of the two products, "Trunk Solution® Core" and "Trunk Solution® Ortho", and you can actually try them on. You can feel the effect of correcting your posture by wearing it.

7. KeeogoTM try-on Workshop

You can try on the all-equipped exoskeleton type mobility support device "KeeogoTM". Unlike conventional robots, it is a new concept robot that can be worn very close to the body and can be worn in a short time. and mechanisms, as well as the services we offer.

8. Frame Design App

Among the several methods of manufacturing KAFO for stroke rehabilitation, this time, it has become possible to input image traces and digitally design data on a computer.

Co-organized Seminar

"Introduction to Socket Technology Innovations and Their Case Studies"

 Date:                  Saturday, July 15, 12:00 - 13:00 
                           (Please note that the time is tentative and may be subject to change)

 Location:            Hall 1, Exhibition Room 3 (tentative)

 Chair:                 Shigeo Uematsu, President, Yamagata Prostheses Institute Co. Ltd.

                      Hiroshi Hashimoto, Kawamura Gishi Co. Ltd.

 Lecturer:            Kenji Yamazaki / Ren Watanabe / Hiroshi Hashimoto 

                            Kawamura Gishi Co. Ltd.



At the JAPO, there would be a lot of opportunities to meet new supprises, excitement and experience. We hope we could share them with you there.

We're looking forward to meeting you all there.